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Join our network and unlock unparalleled growth for your Black-owned business. Our directory isn't just a listing; it's a gateway to visibility, community, and cutting-edge tech solutions like AI chatbots and digital marketing advice.

By becoming a part of our directory, you are part of our ecosystem. You'll gain access to exclusive resources, workshops, and a supportive community that champions Black entrepreneurship. Elevate your business, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, and harness the power of technology. It's time to thrive.

We believe that true collaboration is the key to shattering the disparity in Black entrepreneurship and intend to work with organizations, business, government to close the gap in the black entrepreneurship ecosystem in Canada.

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To be the organization of choice for Black & Indigenous entrepreneurs through strategic programming, national partnerships, and sound research that actively shatters disparity; creating impact at local, regional, and provincial levels.

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At BBC, our mission is clear – to champion the growth and empowerment of Black entrepreneurs. We believe in creating an entrepreneurial landscape where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated and leveraged as a strength.


Black Business Can (BBC), established in 2020 and federally incorporated in 2021, has rapidly emerged as a dynamic force in Canada’s entrepreneurial landscape, championing the growth and empowerment of Black entrepreneurs. Originating from a grassroots initiative in Windsor-Essex and expanding across Ontario, BBC has become a national emblem of entrepreneurial empowerment and inclusivity housing 150 black entrepreneurs, delivering over 10,000 leads to Black business pages from the directory alone to date. 


BBC was founded in response to a dire need for a supportive platform for Black businesses. Maxine Ebegbuzie-Shelton, the visionary founder, identified a gap in the Black entrepreneurship ecosystem and spearheaded the creation of an extensive directory to foster commerce within the community.

BBC’s mission transcends business listings; it encompasses advocacy, networking, mentorship, and educational programs, all aimed at providing visibility and growth opportunities for Black-owned businesses.



Technology & Digital Amplification Our Programs

As a volunteer run organization, we do our best to provide programs that enhance Black business, providing opportunities to reach new customers through technology and education.

Directory Program

 The Business Directory Program is designed to boost the visibility and reach of Black-owned businesses in Canada.

Benefits: Participants gain increased exposure, leading to more leads and opportunities for growth. It’s a pivotal tool for businesses seeking to expand their customer base and market presence.


  • Website Traffic Analysis (2023-2024): There were 5285 leads sent to businesses, 1534 users, and 12,593 events, indicating a significant increase in digital engagement year-over-year.
  • Website Traffic Analysis (2022-2023): The BBC website saw 3527 leads sent to business pages, 1114 users, and 8620 events.
  • Community Phone Inquiries: BBC received 49 inquiries for referrals to Black businesses in the past year, demonstrating the organization’s role as a trusted connector. Additional businesses reached out through form submissions, seeking various services offered by BBC.

EDGE Program with MaxPixel AI

Launching in March 2024, our Enhanced Data & Growth Engagement (EDGE) Program is a pioneering initiative incorporating MaxPixel AI technology. This program is tailored specifically for Black entrepreneurs who are looking to leverage advanced digital marketing tools and analytics to grow their businesses.

Key Features:

EDGE offers unparalleled insights into consumer behaviors and preferences, enabling businesses to craft highly effective, data-driven marketing strategies with 38 columns of data on each visitor.

By utilizing MaxPixel AI, participants gain access to a wealth of consumer data, helping them to identify key trends, optimize ad spends, and significantly improve their digital marketing ROI.

BRIDGE Program with MaxAdvise AI

Set to launch on February 1, 2024, the BRIDGE (Business Resources & Interactive Digital Guidance for Entrepreneurs) Program integrates the innovative MaxAdvise AI chatbot. This program is designed to fill the gap in mentorship and business education among Black entrepreneurs.

  • Functionality: MaxAdvise AI serves as a real-time, interactive advisor, offering personalized business guidance and mentorship. It is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs seeking immediate assistance and insights in decision-making, business strategy development, and navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship in the digital age.

Federal Procurement Sessions Program

In partnership with PAC-OR, this program focuses on educating Black entrepreneurs about federal procurement processes, providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully bid for government contracts.

These sessions are instrumental in opening doors to new opportunities, empowering entrepreneurs with the confidence and skills to navigate the complex landscape of federal procurement.

Black History Month 28 Day BUY BLACK Challenge

Our annual Public Relations campaign celebrates and supports Black-owned businesses.

Businesses have been covered in CBC News, CTV, Windsor Star, Biz X Magazine, CBC Radio, AM 800 and more. This initiative not only boosts visibility for highlighted Black entrepreneurs but also fosters community support and engagement, playing a crucial role in driving the economic growth and sustainability of these businesses.

Meet our Trailblazing Board

Maxine Ebegbuzie

President/PR & Marketing Lead

Brenell Dean-Thompson

Chair of The Board/VP

Emmanuel Tchoukou


Ruby Foster


Angelina Ebegbuzie

Board of Director

Princess Small

Board of Director

Dr. Lara Doan

Board of Director

Julianna Rafi

Board of Director/Social Media

Business Support

We provide several business support services: Business consultation, business discounts and benefits, strategy formulation, digital marketing, financial planning services, sales planning services and more!


Training and development seminars, workshops are available weekly and monthly to help our members gain the skillset to better run their business.


Businesses in our program will be paired with a successful Black Business that can mentor, support and help set our clients up with the tools to launch and grow.


Be a part of a supportive community daily on our social media pages. Enjoy monthly and annually networking events. Join monthly virtual and in-person networking events.


We believe that true collaboration is the key to shattering the disparity in Black entrepreneurship and intend to work with organizations, business, government to close the gap in the black entrepreneurship ecosystem in Canada.

We invite you to learn more about our work, our impact, and how you can be part of this transformative journey. Together, we can build a business ecosystem that truly reflects the diversity and potential of Canada.

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