Black Business Can Inc. is celebrating year two of Black History Month 2022 (also known as African Heritage Month) with a Twenty-Eight Day Challenge for the community. We challenge Windsor-Essex County residents to buy products and services from a Black—owned business each day in February. When you do, hashtag your experience with them on social media (#blackbusinesscan). 

You can show your support by prompting the community to have a cultural experience visiting/purchasing products and services from various businesses. In addition, we are highlighting businesses on Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis, and we need your help to rally the general public to like, share, and leave encouraging comments on every single entrepreneur post this month. (Facebook & Instagram)

“I am grateful for a community that is growing in their understanding; being purposeful about spreading their purchases amongst entrepreneurs with diverse cultures, genders, abilities, ages, and sexualities. Let’s make this a memorable Black History Month for our Black entrepreneurs, who contribute substantially to communities across Canada on a daily basis, and whose success is critical to Canada’s economic growth and long-term prosperity. We have much more work to do to level the playing field. We all can do our part.” says CEO Maxine Shelton of Black Business Can Inc. 

Founded in 2020, Black Business Can Inc. was formed in Windsor-Essex County but has expanded nationally. Its mission is to connect, promote, support, equip, and advance Black businesses and programs. 

For a comprehensive listing of amazing Black History Month events, local businesses, organizations, and Black Historical sites that you can enjoy with your family, led by Black, African, and Caribbean entrepreneurs, please visit 

Thank you for your continued support of our organization and those that we serve! Happy Black History Month

For more information contact: 

Maxine Shelton – CEO of Black Business Can Inc.