Join Black Business Can for the 3rd annual Buy Black 28 Day Challenge throughout Black History Month. There will be a showcase of Black-owned businesses on Facebook and Instagram that you can learn about, visit, and enjoy with your family.

Black Business Can. A nonprofit network that supports over 150 Black businesses. This Black History Month it is our 3rd Annual 28 day BUY BLACK challenge. Last year we had participants from the GTA and other regions and this year so many requests are pouring in to be a part of the challenge for next year.

Most of you already know the routine because we have seen you and many forms of media jump on this trend that we started years ago where we encouraging our community to buy from black businesses every day of Black history month. But in case you don’t, we encourage you to follow our IG, FB & my LinkedIn to stay connected. We want to see you explore & enjoy the amazing food, culture and talented business professionals available in our region. We truly are blessed! And don’t forget to take a picture/video sharing your products or experience on social media with the #BlackBusinesscan

If you’re thinking, “I can’t buy every single day”, well that’s OK. You can contribute through digital currency. What does that mean? You can share our daily highlighted businesses with your FB, IG & LinkedIn family and friends. We have a local list of tons of Black-owned businesses, black historical sites, and more. So, Let’s show our support and continue to make an impact together one person and one purchase at a time. Now, happy shopping and I wish you and your family an amazing and impactful Black history month.

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Note: This activity schedule is a living document. Check our online/social media channels for the latest, most up to date information!