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A Taste of Ghana, One Bite at a Time

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As the age old saying goes, “If Zule made it, i’m eating it!”

Meat, Veggie, Gluten Free & Vegan Ghanian Meat Pies | Made with love |

For over 25 years, Chef Zule has shared her passion for connecting with others through the art of food and hospitality. After many requests from the community, Zuleeats was formally launched in the Fall of 2020 and is proud to bring the flavours of Ghana to YQG! If you aren’t familiar with where Ghana is, it’s a beautiful tropical country off the coast of the Atlantic ocean in West Africa.

Zuleeats strives for excellence in each and every pie that is made and is fuelled by each and every smile that is shared while eating them.

Visit www.zuleeats.ca for more information! Located at 2760 Howard Avenue or contact us at 519-980-6024 or zuleeats@gmail.com.


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