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“My need in life is not to create a new approach to painting, but rather approach life as something worth painting. There is a painting in everything we see; and in all that is seen, there’s still much more to be revealed.”  … dKsmith   Artist, Dennis K. Smith’s distinctive style of painting, results in works that come alive through sensitive and lyrically applied brushwork and vivid choreographed passages of color. For over sixty years, Dennis has been visually vocalizing his story through art not only his story but all those who find themselves connected by the subject matter of person, place, or thing of the art. If his artistic approach and intent could be characterized in vocal styling terminology, he would consider himself a “crooner.” an ironic term denoting an emphatically sentimental depiction of his subjects. It has been noted that his work projects honesty, simplicity and serenity that causes one to pause and connect with the painting and its message. Art for Dennis has to have reason for its creation. His intention is to create work that is truthful and real, that has depth and is compelling from a distance and continue speaking up close.


He has exhibited in numerous of solo and juried shows including the Canada – Japan Exchange Print Exhibition held at the Chiba Shimin Gallery in Japan. Dennis conducts workshops, art classes at his LaSalle studio. He is the Co-founder and president of The Artists of Colour. Artist Statement: My goal is to capture the spirit my subject and to provoke a response that will induce visual excitement and a renewed appreciation of the subject. I believe that the success of a work of art is a result of how well the artist can transform an emotional idea into its visual equivalent.This is done not by rendering an exact likeness, but by artistically reacting to what I see and feel then visually imparting that same response to the viewer.  Minor details fade away but the emotional exchange between the subject and artist provides lasting memories. I cannot remember the thousand and fifty third leaf of the tree but I will remember the coolness of its shade on that hot summer day. “Each of us will have something to say and each of us will have our own  way of saying it ,but when we take the time to stand still to view the works of God’s hands, …….we all should listen”  dKsmith   


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