Privilege: The Unforeseeable Blindspot to the Unopened eyes

Privilege causes an unforeseeable blindspot to the untrained, unopened, unwilling eyes. A perspective at which, the very oxymoronic act of looking directly at oneself in the mirror causes an obstruction of self-awareness. White privilege was something that was seen but not seen, said but unsaid, leveraged against Blacks and first Nations whose voices fell on deaf ears for centuries here in Canada – UNTIL NOW. Now the world awoke from its slumber; the world cries out for justice!

In an effort to respond to the uproar, our Priminister and Premiere launched statements that spoke deeply of that ignorance and unawareness of the actual climate of Canada regarding racism. When Samantha Wright Allen published a photo in November of 2020 exposing the disparity in public office, many organizations, citizens, government officials bit back at the statements that attempted to paint a false picture that Canada was so much better than the USA, something amazing started. Brothers and sisters, CHANGE is coming in 2021!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet of 37 indeed has some visible minorities including one African and one Métis MP. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade, illustration by Serena Masonde

This photo illustrates the reality that there is an immense need for more racialized Canadians in positions of power and influence. I suspect this will be a turning point in history where the fight for civil rights for our people, fought for many generations, by so many named and unnamed heros, will make leaps and bounds in the coming years.

Across all public seats: Members of Parliament, Members of Provincial Legislatures and Members of Municipal Representatives, there is a great disparity! If our government truly wants to see racial injustice, diversity concerns addressed, this must change!

The journey has just begun! I implore you, who are reading this article, Black, White, Asian, First Nations, to join this fight for true equality for all.

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